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Outdoor Learning Environment

Transformation of what was a piece of muddy waste ground into a vibrant and usable environment to enhance the children's learning.

PACT raised over £50,000 over a period of over three years to entirely fund this project.


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Interactive sensory floor

Sadly our previous example of these imagination enhancing learning aids was coming to the end of it's life.  

We knew the value of these devices to the children so PACT raised over £8,000 to fund a replacement

Interactive Whiteboards

We've moved on from chalk boards and rubbers and indeed from ordinary white boards.

PACT raised over £6,000 to put one of these new state of the art learning aids in every classroom

sensory trolley.jpg

Sensory Trolley

Sensory issues are one of the markers of autism and many of our children need additional sensory stimulation.

Staff were able to select from a buffet of sensory aids available and PACT were able to fund the £2,000 cost.


Horse Riding

For many years the younger children at The Centre have participated in this activity at Riding for the Disabled.​

Interaction with animals is a proven way of enhancing empathy among those with autism as well as being fun.  PACT has been able to fund the costs of this for a number of years.



We find that our children learn in a wide variety of ways many of which are electronic.  

Having iPads at thier disposal allows staff to try new techniques quickly and also to access the children access to a wide range of media specifically targeted at helping children with autism learn

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