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Who Are We?

PACT (Phoenix Autism Centre Tonbridge) exists solely to help children with a diagnosis of autism at the Phoenix Centre attached to Cage Green School and at Cage Green School itself.


What Do We Do?

We provide specialist equipment and facilities beyond what the school and the Local Authority can provide.  Click here to see past projects.



We are a group of parents who, through the experiences with our own children have acquired a wide knowledge of autism and its associated conditions.  In order to share this information, we run periodic talks on autism related subjects with expert speakers.  Click here for the latest list of talks.

How Can You Help?

Of course, donations make a great difference. It isn't just donations though; are you a local business looking to help the community? Please get in touch. A specialist that works with autistic children, then of course we are happy to hear from you. 


If you do want to give a donation, then thank you.  


​​How will we use your donation?

With challenges across Specialist Education in the UK, with councils including Kent County Council facing extreme budgetary pressures, we envisage ever greater requirements for us to support the children in the centre and wider school.

Speech and Language provision from the NHS as well as Occupational Therapy specialists have been especially hit. mad we are currently fundraising to provide dedicated on site provision at the Unit. Find out more here

Any donations are received very gratefully

Current and Historic Projects

Latest project​


We are currently (school year 2022/23) funding horse-riding therapy for our students, this follows a study on the effects of horse therapy suggesting that it has significant long-term benefits for children with autism spectrum disorders.​


Past projects​


Outdoor Learning Environment. Transformation of what was a piece of muddy waste ground into a vibrant and usable environment to enhance the children's learning.​PACT raised over £50,000 over a period of over three years to entirely fund this project.​Interactive Whiteboards - We've moved on from chalk boards and rubbers and indeed from ordinary white boards.​PACT raised over £6,000 to put one of these new state of the art learning aids in every classroom​

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