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A Centre Dog

School Dogs are proven to help develop communication and Interaction, enhance Social Skills, boost self-esteem and confidence, teach responsibility and respect, and Improve negative behavior and increase engagement by calming and motivating.

We would like to to fund taking this further with the training of our Centre Leader’s Labrador puppy to become a Centre Dog.  We would like her to be in school most days and be specifically trained to respond to the needs of autistic pupils.



Sensory Cabin

This will provide children with a place where they can do what are known as sensory circuits at the beginning and during the day. 


Research has shown that Multi-sensory environments and sensory circuits increase concentration and alertness, improve social relationships and communication, and prepare pupils holistically for learning.


Many of our pupils would benefit from a sensory diet with sensory integration ‘snacks’ throughout the day. 

Laptops and Touch typing software

Some children in our Centre find handwriting difficult and even painful. Some lack the physical coordination, whilst others find the mechanics of writing coupled with spelling, punctuation, grammar and the organisation of their thoughts and imagination into text overwhelming.

We currently have to share a bank of laptops with over 300 children in the main primary school.


Having our own laptop trolley would enable our pupils to use a laptop whenever needed for English or other work instead of just for computing lessons.


Air Purifying fans

Many of our pupils find temperature regulation difficult and really struggle in hot weather. This can affect their mood and ability to focus, learn, and have successful social interactions with peers and adults.


An air purifying tower fan in each classroom will ensure the classrooms are at a constant and predictable temperature throughout the day. We also have a number of children with allergies who would benefit from purified air on a daily basis.

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